A History of Fashion

by Valentine & The Regard

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Most of the album was written and tracked guerrilla style in a short period of time with the help of energizing caffeine based drinks and a lot of heart.

"I write because I can't fill my head with my fears so I release them. I have to create, I don't care what it is, just do it as honestly as possible. When we light the fire under ourselves and push the limits of what we previously deemed impossible, it's a religious experience. When you stand in a room and push record and step into another world, I love it."

"Bend Like a Bridge" happened because I was listening to the blues like I had just lost a loved one. It happened organically and fast. I was actually surprised I had it in me because I don't normally "Go there"

"Holding Up The House" was a song I wrote in my parent's house when I was about 14. it's just been kicking around and never made it onto anything but my notepad, then one day after everyone was done recording I just played it straight. I don't know what it's about.

"America is Hanging by a Thread " was the product of us wanting a punk song. I think I was listening to the band SPORTS a lot and just needed that high-school power chord angst.
It's not political. It's about relationships and how they make you feel when they go sour, America being the girl.

"Houses in a Row" another improvised song. just an 80s Rick Springfield-y vibe but darker. Like he has been living under the freeway vibe.

"I Got The Girl" was a song I wrote while I was staring at a huge photo of Robert Plant, that's just what happens.

"Is That Ok?" Written by Johnny Miller. I heard this song as an early demo and it never left my head. He is extremely talented and I am blessed to have covered it. The song means a lot to him but it also means something else to me.

Let the World Crash and Burn" Reminds me of the Batman and Joker. I wrote it while under the influence of Fender Amplifiers.

"Bargain State" Speaks for itself. It's classic Mike.

"Infatuate" I was writing the lyrics as we recorded it. I think it's about someone falling in love with a person very quickly.


released April 18, 2015

Mike Maurer: vocals, lead guitar, drums, weirdo
Julie Maurer: Drums

Special thanks to Johnny Miller for letting me butcher his song "Is That Ok?"
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(Also, thank you Walrus Audio and Layne Guitars for being super cool to us and making amazing things)



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Valentine & The Regard Salt Lake City, Utah

"Heartache never sounded so cathartic...
Valentine & The Regard ---
Mike Maurer
Julie Maurer

"expressing themes of anguish and despair."

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Track Name: Let The World Crash And Burn
You can't see
What you love
You're blinded by the door in the kitchen in the sink, my blood is full

Leave me be You're going alone
I think I love the thought of you now you're a burning sun

Let the World Crash and Burn

You've got to step around
You've got to step around

Grab your coat I think we died
The last thing you want from me is to hide inside

Let the world crash and burn
We are steering through the street like a silhouette, you will learn
You've got to step around
Track Name: Bargain State
I start every day
Like I have something to say
Empty my Starbucks cup
The reason I hate
is so I take the bait
Of everything being shoved down my throat

It's a bargain state

Maybe if I change my look
Get some shiny new guitars
And sing just like everyone else...
Trade in all of my gear, lose the Low-Fidelity
Maybe I'll get respect from SLUG Magazine..
pull my covers down
Listen to the sounds
Of my stomach as it turns in it's grave
Track Name: Infatuate
The hurricane mind makes the devil blind
I think I've got a lot lot inside
You were not the stupid one
We are having too much fun
Let's try and keep it inside

Going to the corner 7/11
Like we did when we were in heaven

We were in the hot car staring at the white stars
You were telling people we're married
Stepping in the swimming pool
Forgetting I dropped out of school
Gimme something better to to do