by Valentine & The Regard



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Recorded over the course of 1 week at FeralCatStudios
Thick crunchy blues fueled riffs under the immediacy of rock songs.
Recorded live.
Completely sick...


released March 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Valentine & The Regard Salt Lake City, Utah

"Heartache never sounded so cathartic...
Valentine & The Regard ---
Mike Maurer
Julie Maurer

"expressing themes of anguish and despair."

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Track Name: Hung My Head
She had my ring again
I swallowed words again
She took my name
Now she's insane
I hung my head again
What I had
What I don't
Why did you have to go?
I made mistakes again
She said we were just friends
After everything she pulled my strings
I hung my head again
Track Name: Full of wine
I've run out of things to do
I guess I'll fight
She blew a kiss for me, okay whatever... It wasn't right
Lift up your eyes
Full of wine
I drink a lot when I talk
Boy, do I try...
It's all I can do to keep up with the guys
Whatever it is you're thinking about me is a million times better than what you see
Track Name: Whatever, Turn the Lever
static fills your head
I think I should go to bed
lying there alone
My mind explodes the phone
You have the dangerous eyes so far the stars are petrified
No matter what you said
I tried to start again
Blown apart our trust
The fire turned to dust
Track Name: Strung Out
I'm overthinking again
Anxiety fills my broken head
I've been wrong before
But I've never been wrong for long

You were so obscene
You clouded the bath but say you're clean
I get along as I should
I'm always the good guy in that house where I stood

I'll be strung out
Track Name: The Holes in My Jeans
When I was young and when I could fight
I hit my best friend, oh man, were we tight..
I sold all of my stuff
And went for a drive
At his funeral his epitaph said survive

The further you go the less you know
I keep on running because I can't seem to let go

When she was blue... Oh man, could she cry
She would sit and stare all alone at the sky
You keep on churning until you burst at the seams
I don't have much to live for.
I just mend the holes in my jeans
Track Name: Communicator
There's a mirror and I fear you see inside
She's a mirror in a waitress disguise
Pushing meals half the day dropping hints along the way
They all worry about me but stay inside their beds
And I just can't the stress

Pushing letters on a phone because I can't be alone
That's the worst thing I can do
They all worry about me but stay in their beds
And I just can't take the stress..